Agricultural Loans

Agricultural loans are offered even to small and medium scale farm operations to finance all crop production (covering cost of land preparation, seeds, fertilizer, and other inputs), livestock raising, aquaculture, acquisition of farm equipment, construction of farm facilities, rice and corn trading, and other agricultural related businesses.

Basic Eligibility Criteria / Client Profile:

  • 21 years old upon application of loan
  • At least 2 years farm operation
  • Availability of other sources of income
  • No past due accounts with the bank, other institutions and/or suppliers
  • No pending cases
  • A permanent resident of the barangay for at least 2 years
Loan TypeAgricultural Loan
PurposeAny agricultural related activity
Amount Dependent to the agricultural activity requirement
Payment ScaleMonthly, Semi-Monthly, Annually
Interest Rate24% Diminishing Annually
Effective Int. Rate (EIR)26.82%
Service Charge3% to 4% depending on the loan purpose